Solar Inverter of Powercom

Powercom was founded in 1987, a leading provider of  Soalr Inverter and UPS manufacturer . Our products include off-line UPS, line interactive UPS, on-line UPS & other power protection products, Solar King, RS485 MODBUS/GENERAL Card, LAN Card Module, Solar GSM/ GPRS module, SNMP/WEB Card Module, King Logger, Solar Wireless module, Solar Charger and PV Inverter Solar Control monitoring software. Moreover Powercom adopted automation equipments from Germany and Italy to produce high yield rate and high efficiency solar cells. All Powercom UPS systems & solar inverter products have been inspected under strict QC process before delivered to you.

Address: 8F, No. 246, Lienchen Road, Chungho City, Taiwan
TEL: +886-2-22258552
FAX: +886-2-22251776
Contact Person: Amos Yu

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