The Best Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

For thirty years, SHAKO is leading and the largest professional pneumatic solenoid valve manufacturer in Taiwan. We seek for excellent quality, innovative research and development of products and good after sale services in the field of pneumatic solenoid valve manufacturer. With over 31 year of experiences, we are able to provide pneumatic solenoid valve products with excellent high quality & rapid service for various industries. During this period our team has developed and resourced new products to satisfy our customer’s need, we will continue to provide latest information and product to our customers and dedicated to understand and respond to the market needs.

We specially invest and put more effort to develop air solenoid valve products and equipments to meet quality of ISO9001 procedures to meet world standard and internationalized specification, identically with products of all famous brands. Please visit our product category to see more details. It’s our honor to serve for you!


The Best Pneumatic Solenoid Valve
The Best Pneumatic Solenoid Valve


Shako Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 492-1, Sec. 1, Wan Shou Rd., Kwei Shan Hsiang, Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-82093435
Fax: 886-2-82092463


One thought on “The Best Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

  1. A solenoid valve is an electromechanical valve for use with liquid or gas. The valve is controlled by an electric current through a solenoid coil. Solenoid valves may have two or more ports: in the case of a two-port valve the flow is switched on or off; in the case of a three-port valve, the outflow is switched between the two outlet ports. Multiple solenoid valves can be placed together on a manifold.”

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