Variations of Neck Lanyards

Neck lanyards are often made from lengths of rope, wire, or cloth and are worn around the neck to secure an important object. Frequently worn by business employees, students, or trade show attendees, they are often custom printed with logos, slogans, or symbols. In this manner, the neck lanyard can also serve as an inexpensive form of advertising for businesses or universities.

Neck lanyards make it easy to carry a small object that must be displayed or kept close-by, such as an identification card or name badge. Other common objects that are best carried by lanyard can include badges, whistles, pocket watches, cell phones, cameras, water bottles, bottle openers, or mini-flashlights.

The neck lanyard helps you carry an item that is frequently needed throughout the day without having to carry it in a pocket or in your hands. There are many types of attachment hardware available to secure items to neck lanyards. Various types of attachment hardware include metal or plastic swivel hooks, pull-apart key rings, and alligator clips. Neck lanyards featuring split rings are a great way to carry an individual key or set of keys.

Neck lanyards are relatively inexpensive to purchase, especially when purchased in bulk. This makes them an ideal give-away for seminars, conventions, or trade shows. There are numerous suppliers who specialize in the custom printing of neck lanyards. They are available in an array of styles and colors. Neck lanyards are typically 36 inches in length. Because one size does not always fit all, a plastic cord lock can be placed on the lanyard to adjust it to any length and to add comfort.

The neck lanyard allows you to display your name when attending a function where most people don’t know one another. They serve as an informal method of introduction and can be kept as a souvenir to remember the occasion.

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