Plastic Snap Button

Dyi Er Kang Enterprise has manufactured plastic snap buttons, snap button series and plastic garment accessories since 1985. Our plastic snap button series can be widely utilized in stationery, such as diaries, calendars, folders etc. Various plastic snap button series are available! If you need more product details, please browse the following categories and feel free to send inquiries to us.

In 1991, as our business showed strong growth and a much larger space was needed, we set up a new factory at Nankang Industrial Park, Nantou city, in central Taiwan. Now, we employ integrated operations covering product design of plastic accessories and metal accessories as well as molding and product manufacturing. Production is automated and done in-house, reducing lead-time for orders, guaranteeing faster delivery. Contact us now for our plastic snap button!

Aramid Fabric

Taiwan Electric Insulator was established in 1978 as a manufacturer of aramid fabrics, including aramid fiber fabric, ballistic aramid fabric and colored aramid fabric. The aramid fabric features flame resistance, outstanding shock absorption, and superb engineering benefits to all manners of manufacturing and design in the composite industry. To go with the ever-changing requirements, Taiwan Electric Insulator is dedicated to development and innovation of aramid fabric to meet the highest level of customers’ satisfactions.

The manufacturing world is constantly evolving with new techniques and developments in material application. Products of Taiwan Electric Insulator Co. Ltd. have a far reaching use in all areas of industries with new applications being developed. Our products cover aerospace industry, sports, medical, automotive, as well as hundreds of specific industries that rely on our products and know-how.

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Buying The Double Column Machines

Vision Wide Tech Co., Ltd. solidifies its commitment to the company motto of “Originality”, “Creativity”, and “Contribution” for best performance and organizational enhancements from a professional team-based environment. We believe in continual improvement, R&D creativity, simple/effective systematic management, customer-oriented services are the keys toward best customer satisfaction.

We continue to make us to be a competitive double column machine manufacturer. Nowadays and afterwards in the CNC machining centers, we will keep working to provide customers with competitive double column machines with fair prices to assist customer developing markets smoothly.

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