Professional Plastic Recycling & Reproducing Turn Key Plant: KOWIn

KOWIn has researched and developed turn-key recycling plant for various materials more than 30 years of experience; also, established KOWIn lab factory. Our lab factory is a turn-key plant, including crushing, washing, extrusion-pelletizing and waste water filtering system. KOWIn recycle various kinds of materials, such as, agriculture film, drip tape, net, bottle & injection, and so on. It is in operation and production for long term. Also, KOWIn is in accompanied with the actual production in our lab factory as a basis and makes education & training for our customers to achieve our highest principle “HONESTY & TRUST”.

Regarding turn-key recycling plants, highly welcome to visit KOWIn for more information.

Crossbow Manufacturer

Established in 1988, the Man Kung Company is dedicated to the design and manufacture of a wide range of crossbows, knives and related products. Since the company was established, we have always been dedicated to the research and development of new products to meet current market demands. Insisting on quality is a tradition at Man Kung. Man Kung’s outstanding quality has won us a high reputation from both domestic and international customers.

In addition, we have a strong commitment for providing customers with the most competitive prices and fast delivery of crossbows. These have established Man Kung as a dependable brand name in both domestic and foreign markets.

Man Kung is a professional crossbow manufacturer and exporter. The company is dedicated to the design and produce of a wide range of crossbows. Man Kung is your best choice for crossbow supplier. To get further information about our crossbows, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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CNC Toolroom Lathe Solutions by Cyclematic Machinery

Toolroom lathe is a type of engine lathe that is designed for high precision work. The machine is usually used in tool and dies shops where custom parts and precision fixtures are produced. Since it’s produced with special attention to smooth operation, spindle accuracy and precise alignment, the lathe is able to achieve better accuracy and precision than the standard lathe.

We maintain international standard of quality in every stage of CNC toolroom lathe machinery production and keep upgrading the quality in order to overtake the best in the world. Of course, the strict quality inspection before shipment is also our crucial work to assure 0ur clients in getting CNC toolroom lathe products bearing consistency in quality and long-life standards. In addition to standard type of machinery, customized orders of CNC toolroom lathes are welcome!

Cyclematic Machinery takes pride in manufacturing CNC toolroom lathe which features constant quality, technical competence, and competitive price. We have an efficient development team of well-experienced engineers who understand exact customer needs through complete market research and try to adopt the latest technology in designing & development of CNC toolroom lathes. Quality is the driving force behind Cyclematic’ s success.

What is a CNC Tapping Machine?

A cnc tapping center is a numerically controlled machine tool used for machining parts in every industrial field, featuring high speed, high accuracy, and high productivity. Development of cnc tapping centers has enabled milling and fine boring in addition to tapping, achieving high productivity, improved machining capabilities, and greater reliability that shatter conventional common sense.

ARES-SEIKI, a cnc tapping center manufacturer, offers high quality cnc tapping center to meet all your cnc tapping center requirements. If you are looking for high quality cnc tapping center, inquire us now!

Plastic Recycling Machine by Song Ming Machinery

Song Ming Machinery Industries Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic recycling machines, and it has been in the plastic recycling field for almost two decades.

Song Ming is not only reputable for its pelletizing extruders, it also has the best credentials in the plastic recycling peripherals, such as granulators, mixers, ribbon blenders, and knife grinders.

In order to supply the best recycling machinery to the valuable customers, Song Ming strains every nerve to constantly upgrade the designs, products and knowledge of plastic recycling machine. They are proud of their superior standard of recycling machinery that keeps them being one of the leading companies in the recycling machine industry. Please feel free to ask them any further information or send your requirements to them.

Over 40 Years of Experiences in Providing Power Chuck

Traditional spirit, innovative technology; people-oriented, solid career in Taiwan and exploring the world: Di Chun Iron Work Co., Ltd. For the past 40 years, Di Chun Iron Work Co., Ltd. insists on the spirit of “quality to be the must and customer must to be the first; do the right thing; seeking the truth and finding the cause” applied to manufacturing various kinds of accurate products. We rapidly rose from small or medium-sized companies and factories, but today we are wide continuously recognized and have been honored by supplying worth-trust power chucks to many worldwide users. Di Chun expanded in 1992 and established the brand “Auto Strong” which has a meaning of being precise and strong as eagle’s claw to emphasize the quality and high performance of our power chuck. This is our value to focus on research & development and innovation, solid our career in Taiwan then head to the international power chuck market; as far as we go, the precise production process were compliments by our customers.

Textile Machinery- Yarn Dyeing Machine

Yarn dyeing machine – yarn dyeing is nothing more than adding color to the yarn that has been used to create a garment or item, or adding color to yarn that will soon be used in knitting or crocheting projects. It is flexible and cost effective.

These yarn dyeing machines and material carriers set new standards in quality, reproducibility and economy. Which combined with the expertise of our design department provides the perfect base for a new dye house project, or the extension of an existing plant.

These also offer total plant automation for those targeting increased productivity.

Contact us for your yarn dyeing machine inquiries!