Rotary Tables from Spintop Machinery

Spintop Machinery has initiated generation of the NC rotary table in year 1996 in collaboration with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) for related items and parts; in any case. With many years of experience behind us in NC rotary table, we have added to a few models of NC turning table and the NC indexing table and we have gotten high thankfulness from the business and our esteemed clients.

As of late in the business sector, NC rotary table with DD engines are consolidated with existing controller accessible for the fourth point or fifth hub on the machine. On the other hand, DD servomotors obliged high accuracy control framework, so it gets to be crucial to get join the more elevated amount of controller, for example, HEIDENHAIN, Siemens, Fanuc 31iM and Mitsubishi M70 for the machine which thus will expand the general expenses. Because of this reason, SPINTOP built up a model of outer CNC controller that could be interfaced with the first controller or low-level CNC controller to meet the prerequisite of DD engine also keep the expense sensibly low.

Take your efficiency to new levels with practical, great turning tables and more from CNC rotary table technologies. Contact Spintop Machinery for more information.

Unforgettable Sesame Sauce from Taiwan

Foreway’s is a leading company in sesame sauce and sesame product in the world. Our mission is to make healthy food and enrich the dishes. We devote ourselves to research sesame and produce better flavor and rich-healthy sesame sauces to customer. Not only sesame oil and sesame paste, but also sesame related biotech- product, we manufacture various sesame products, and expect to be an expert in sesame field.

As the public demand for diverse tastes, we develop our own flavor of sesame sauces, which includes white sesame sauce, black sesame sauce, supreme mesh sesame sauce and black sesame bread spread. Foreway’s sesame sauce can be widely utilized in salad dressing, shabu shabu sauce, cold noodles even the ingredient of sesame beverages. We believe that we are the best choice of tasty and healthy sauces. Please feel free to contact us.

 Taiwan RF Module Manufacturer

AutoMicro is an expert in designing and manufacturing rf modules. AutoMicro welcomes various types of business ranging from distributor, OEM, ODM, to CKD business. Even we can offer our rf module partly and separately. Any above inquiries are welcomed.

AutoMicro has been practicing on OEM and ODM administration. Continue advertising all out arrangements and different specialized backing to our clients around the world. A dependable manufacturing plant you can rely on. Welcome SKD/CKD business. Your extraordinary prerequisites regarding rf modules are all welcome.