Waterproof Fabrics

We manufacture waterproof fabric for outdoor apparel. This includes tpu laminated fabrics, pvc laminated fabrics, polyurethane coated fabrics. We make waterproof fabrics very strong and they can withstand extreme weather conditions.

In Reference to water-repellent fabrics and waterproof fabrics, our materials are treated with various coatings/ finishes that make them impervious to water. Permanent waterproofing is achieved by first coating fabrics with vinyl or urethane synthetic resins, then dipping or heat treating the fabric.
Fabrics so treated lose porosity, lightness and when rubberized are subject to cracking. Water-repellent fabrics sprayed with or immersed in synthetic resins, metallic compounds, oils, or waxes, tend to remain porous and to retain their natural characteristics.

TPU and PVC fabrics are suitable for:
*Awnings, Advertising Banner. Aprons
*Backpack, Barrier Cloth, Boat Covers, Blood Pressure Cuffs
*Camping Mattress
*Diving Suits, Dry Bags
*Inflatable vest and Boats, Balloon
*Life vests and Rafts
*Raincoat, Shower Curtain
*Seam Sealing Tape
*Tarpaulin, Trolley

PU fabrics is suitable for:
* Advertising banner and Flag Fabrics
*Backpack Lining and Trolley
*Jacket and windbreaker

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