Fabric Solutions from Taiwan Electric Insulator

Taiwan Electric Insulator was established in 1978 as a manufacturer of aramid fabrics. The manufacturing world is constantly evolving with new techniques and developments in material application. Taiwan Electric Insulator‘s products have a far reaching use in all areas of industry, with new applications being developed by us and our customers. The applications of aramid fabrics are in various industries, which rely on our products and know-how.

Privacy Film

Prochase Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 as a leading privacy film manufacturer. The initial business is a plastics compounding company which compound all kinds of high temperature engineering plastics such as PPS, LCP, PA9T, PA6T, PA46 and composite high functional engineering plastics reinforced PA66, PA6. We are looking for a reliable and powerful group to be our country’s agent to sell our privacy films, it is win-win business, contact us if you have interested in this agent. Trust us! Prochase Co. is your best option!