Offset Machine with 30 More Years of Experiences

Smooth Machinery is a famous printing machine manufacturer which the ISO 9000 registered in Taiwan of this field. All machines applied CE certification. We have 30 more years of experiences and achievements on the design and manufacture about the printing machinery. State-of-art printing quality offset machine is aim for all label printers!! However the investment for machine itself still at higher side if compare to the other printing methods and Smooth Machinery wants to improve it!! Base on shaft less full computerized technology in intermittent field and wealthy experiences, Smooth Machinery develops the web-fed shaft less Intermittent feeding Offset press with converting stations which unexpected low investment “Breaking Rule Price” will shock the market make contribution to printing filed!! Contact for our offset machines.


Carbon-Based Technology, Inc. was established in March 2007 and has devoted in unmanned aircraft system ever since.


We are the only company with civilian unmanned aerial vehicles that can be operated in critical snowy or raining weather. We are the only company with civilian unmanned aerial vehicles that can provide photo & video simultaneously taking function or real-time image video with snapshot taking. We provide frequency options equipped in all our unmanned aerial vehicles for operating multiple unmanned aerial vehicles in the sky simultaneously; our hopping module can search for cleaner channel within certain range to avoid signal interference. Other civilian unmanned aerial vehicles don’t have this unique feature. We provide a warranty period of months for our customers the only few companies can commit. We provide full training and tech support as most of our key components are built by ourselves.


Contact us for unmanned aerial vehicle inquiry now!

Small Hole Drilling EDM

EXCETEK has manufactured small hole drilling EDM since 2006, the hole drillings have CNC series and for general purpose series. As a leading drilling machine manufacturer, we have a strong R&D team to keep improving our products to meet the highest standard of our clients. You can find more full specifications of small hole drillings by check the product category below. And if you are interested in our small hole drillings, welcome to contact us, we are looking forward to corporate with you.


In order to meet customers’ needs, EXCETEK get the ISO quality, and CE safety international certification, we provide high-quality after-sale system and standard, establishing integrated sales and marketing service, due to the appreciation from customer, EXCETEK become the first choice in small hole drilling EDM industry. It is worth to be mentioned that EXCETEK EDMs sold to all over the world in ten years.

LCD Monitor Arm

MODERNSOLID, founded in 1988, is the manufacturer of LCD monitor arm. It has established its factory in Taiwan for over 20 years. Since 1996, MODERNSOLID sensed that LCD monitor is a growing trend and it would be suitable for various applications in fields ranging from business, office, industry, schools to healthcare market. Since then, MODERNSOLID has started to design and manufacture all kinds of mounting solutions to accommodate most LCD displays for improving ergonomics. With the insistence on high quality, MODERNSOLID has grown to be a world-leading supplier in mounting solutions including LCD monitor arm, TV wall mount bracket and hospital arm, etc.


The requirement of ISO 9001 certification guarantees that MODERNSOLID is capable of providing total solutions and doing OEM/ODM projects in accordance with international standards. Various feedback, and comments received from customers has encouraged MODERNSOLID to continue to improve, which all the customers will benefit from. Using market information gathered, MODERNSOLID keeps introducing Mobile Medical Workstation Cart for the effective use in healthcare industry to achieve the optimal health outcome. If you are interested in learning more information about the LCD monitor arms, please feel free to contact us now!

Film Capacitor

Zonkas Electronic was founded as one of Taiwan professional film capacitor manufacturers. The features of film capacitor are non-inductive construction, self-healing, and high reliable and superior performance in high frequency applications. It is applied to filter and noise suppression circuit, pulse logic and timing circuit, DC blocking, by-passing and signal coupling in general communication equipment. The construction of film capacitor includes polyeser film dielectric with vacuum-evaporated metal electrodes, radial leads of tinned wire are electrically welded to the contact metal layer on the ends of capacitor winding, epoxy resin coating. Are you interested in learning more details about film capacitors Please contact professional film capacitor manufacturer now!

Custom Key Chains

Tech Arts International Co., Ltd. located in Taiwan is a leading key chain manufacturer of varied custom products. Our products are the following: hard enamel lapel pin, soft enamel lapel pins, printing lapel pin, promotional lapel pin, logo lapel pins, eagle lapel pins, pewter key chain, keychain, flashing lapel pin, patch, necklace, medal etc. Key chains are our recommendation products. We offer all kinds of key chains with high quality, good design and competitive price. Please contact us for more custom key chain information. We highly promote ourselves as one of the professional key chain manufacturers in Taiwan to supply your custom key chains.

Power that Works: Earth-Chain Magnetic Tools

Established in 1988, Earth-Chain Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of magnetic tools. The magvise magnetic workholding “Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck EEPM Series”, permanent lifting magnets elm series, and new dovetail microinching equipment was awarded “Good Design Product Mark” by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs and the 18th Taiwan Excellence Award, the “Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck Connection Type EEPM-C Series” was awarded the 19th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award and the 21st Taiwan Excellence Award, and the magvise magnetic workholding “Permanent Magnetic Clamping Block ECB Series” was awarded the 16th Taiwan Excellence Award. With ISO 9001 and CE Certification as well as over 30 patents, Earth-Chain’s private label “E.C.E” is sold worldwide across five continents. Besides above mentioned products, there are also lifting magnet series, universal arm magnetic stand series, drill grinder & end mill re-sharpener series, and etc. Earth-Chain is a professional magnetic tool manufacturer with agents and distributors from over 40 countries.


Innovation, honesty, and responsibility are our business philosophies that we are truthfully fulfilling. By innovatively devoting our efforts in magnetic tool developments, honestly responding to our customers, and responsibly engaging in sustainable operations and managements, we always strive to improve our working processes, enhance our quality control and improvement ability, and develop products that constantly exceed customers’ expectations. Not only do we aim to achieve the objective- making the Earth-Chain the leading brand in the field of magnetic vise clamping systems, but we also set a high expectation for ourselves to create glories in the machining and metalworking industry.

CHANDOX’s Chuck Products

CHANDOX was established in 1983 and we have been absorbed in marketing our serial products about chucks all over the world with either our own brand, CHANDOX, or the ways of OEM. The three concepts of our company are Quality, Design and Manufacture. We are awarded the eighth “Small and Medium Enterprise Innovation Research Award” in 2001. In addition, CHANDOX focus on training and educating human resources as well as installing advanced equipments and measuring instruments. We make use of our own well-equipped factory building to produce our chuck products and other related accessories with the innovative and continuing improving manufacturing technologies, hoping that we can offer our best chucks to meet all the requirements of our customers and achieve the mission of becoming an evergreen enterprise. Contact us now!

Professional Surface Grinding Machine Manufacturer in Taiwan

Joen Lih Machinery, established in 1988, specializes in manufacturing various surface grinders, including high precision CNC profile surface grinder, hand-operated surface grinder, semi-auto precision surface grinder, and etc. All Joen Lih surface grinders start from the finest Meehanite processed fine grain grey iron castings (FC30) selected for their outstanding strength and inherent vibration dampening characteristics. The company claims that its competitive advantage lies mainly in its ability to develop and manufacture machines featuring superior rigidity, accuracy, stability, and efficiency, as well as ease of operation and maintenance. With more than 25 years of experiences, Joen Lih insists to manufacture only high quality surface grinder and we keep improving to meet our clients’ demand. For more information about surface grinders, please contact us.

ISO-9001 Quality Assurance System Hydraulic Press Brakes

Since the establishment of YEH-CHIUN industrial company, the company has been known for the production of high accuracy NC/CNC multiple axes hydraulic press brakes, automated mechronic integrated system, and automatic producing line of box forming equipment, refrigerator panel, a whole set of clean room panel forming equipment and cold roll forming machine, and etc., and has won the recognition of the industry and confidence of customers.


In order to provide a wider range of products to fulfill the increasing demands of customers, series of shears are developed. Continuing self-motivation, procedure of design, manufacture, inspection, and service are under strict quality management to enable the product to reach the deserved quality level.


We believe that base on our decades of hydraulic press brake manufacturing experiences, we will achieve the ideal of “Pursuit for Outstanding Quality, Continuous Improvement. Upgrade Competitive Advantage, Everlasting Business Management.” and to establish a high efficiency, flexible, and competitive production system.