Taiwan Professional Band Saws Manufacturer – Everising

EVERISING has been specializing in mid to large size band saws and circular saws since 1982. Our R&D innovations have yielded constant break-through over the years. With two factories in Taichung, Taiwan and another in Kunshan, China, yearly output is in excess of 2000 units. In Taiwan, sales offices are established in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. In China have over ten branch offices and service centers throughout, providing complete pre-sales and after-sales services with full scale sawing technology. Everising has more than forty sales distributors around the world, and our equipment can be found in over sixty countries worldwide.


Throughout the years the belief of “high quality, innovation and leading technology” has guided the company to keep steady growth. It has always been the policy of Everising to “Let the customer lead the way.” During this growth the company has enjoyed continuous affirmation of their quality in the form of CE certification since 1994, ISO 9001 since 1995, ISO 9001 -2008 version since 2009, in 2004, 2005, 2008, 2014 and 2015 we won the “Taiwan Symbol of Excellence” award, and received “Taiwan Superior Brands” award in 2009.


Image of superior quality, optimum performance and international accreditation promises to be everlasting. EVERISING’s band saws are displayed yearly at world-renown machinery exhibitions like TIMTOS、CIMT、EMO、JIMTOF、TMTS, IMTEX …etc. The company is already recognized as a major manufacturer of sawing machine worldwide. Employing a superior R&D team of distinguished engineers, well over 60000 square meters production facilities the best applicable technology, supply to Steel, Aluminum, Stone, Quartz and Silicon sawing market. Everising expects to become a cornerstone in the sawing industry.


If you need further details about band saw series and circular saw series, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact Everising! We guarantee to offer you the best quality and service.



No.1, Jingke 1st Road, Nantun District, Taichung 408, Taiwan R.O.C.

Tel: +886-4-2350-5300

Fax: +886-4-2350-5420

E-mail: evrs@everising.com.tw


Unique Embroidered Patches Manufacturing Company – Dah Jeng Embroidery

Established in 1983, being an experienced embroidered patches manufacturer and exporter, Care / Effort / Patience / Happiness are four qualities that Dah Jeng Embroidery Inc. has always been carrying along the way in the industry for over 30 years.


From military, sports, scout, police department, biker to corporate and cartoon patches, we specialized in producing embroidered patches of all kinds. It is unfortunate that we can’t share them all online for confidentiality reasons. Beside the good old fashion patches, we also love to explore the possibility of combining the art of embroidery with other products. For examples, embroidered luggage tag is one of our creative items and best-sellers. With our delicate embroidered luggage tags while traveling, you can show off your unique and special. Therefore, OEM and ODM opportunities are more than welcome. We guarantee to offer you the best quality and service.


What we offer are products with fine quality and competitive prices. Strict quality control and prompt delivery are our priorities. Not to mention our attentive and friendly service have always received high credit from our customers from around the world.


Company president Mr. Tony Yang is the founder of Taipei County Embroidery Association. He has been dedicated to upgrade embroidery skill and expertise for more than 3 decades. Both of our Taiwan and Nanjing factories will always satisfy your potential orders, bulk or small, with precision and efficiency.


If you are interested in our embroidered patches and want to get unique & special embroidery, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact Dah Jeng Embroidery!


Dah Jeng Embroidery Inc.

4F, No. 68, Jiuqiong St., Luzhou Dist., New Taipei City 24750, Taiwan

TEL: 886-2-8286-1315 (Rep.)

FAX: 886-2-8285-8731

E-mail: sales@embroidered-badge.com

Famous and Professional Vehicle Valve Seal Manufacturer – AOK

Established in 1995, AOK has made concrete contribution to valve seal industries for over 20 years. We supply high quality Valve Seals for cars, such as Alfa Romeo valve seals, BMW vehicle valve seal, and motorcycle’s and so on. In order to maintain high quality, the valve seals of AOK are all inspected thoroughly, therefore, quality of AOK’s seals has won worldwide recognition.


With more than 10 years of experiences in designing and producing all kinds of oil seals, AOK has acquired rich knowledge and the latest technology in the automobile application field. As a professional valve seal manufacturer, we have ISO9001 and TS16949 qualification. AOK markets globally and sells the valve stem seals in European, North America and Asian countries. Maintaining excellent quality and customer satisfaction is AOK’s No. 1 priority. AOK provides you with top quality of valve seals.


In the website of AOK Car valve seal manufacturer, we provide some car valve seals video and introduction to featured oil seals and valve stem seals. Our supply service not only includes oil seal and the valve accessory equipment, but also includes the complete production lines.


We hope you will find our site informative and helpful to your valve seal needs. Moreover, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail after browsing our site. If you have any oil seal or car valve seal questions, please fill out our inquiry form and we will response you any additional details that you inquire.


AOK Valve Stem Seals Ltd.

No.24-6, Nankang 3rd Rd., Nantou City 540, Taiwan

TEL: 886-49-2263777

FAX: 886-49-2263776

E-mail: sales@aok-oilseal.com


Global Well Known Double Column Machining Center Manufacturer – Vision Wide

Established in 1999, Vision Wide Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional double column machining center manufacturer which has global brand “VTEC”. We provide a wide range of CNC milling centers that can apply on various industries including component machining, wind power, solar energy, tunnel, plastics, automotive, train, vessel, and aerospace.


Because of Vision Wide Tech’s sophisticated machinery techniques and well-organized integrations of R&D, production, quality management, marketing, and after-sale service in machine tool engineering filed that made us rapidly succeed. We commit to offer high quality and competitive priced products. Vertical machining center, double column machining center, and wide range of bridge type machining centers (vertical/five-side, fixed column/moving beam, box way/linear way) all can be found in our company.


Advantages of our company are derived from customer-oriented machine development & design; insist in managing by simple/effective integral system, utilizing reliable high quality components and suppliers, integrating our precious process control during production, assembling testing, and quality control.


Every year more than hundreds of big bridge-type machines are built, over 80% of them are exported to the industrialized countries, and widely well used for various parts machining in the fields of precise machinery, mold & die, and aerospace industry. It also brings “Vision Wide” brand to worldwide.


Pursuing better performance, creating a new bench mark! We solidify our commitment to the company motto of “Originality”, “Creativity”, and “Contribution” for best performance and organizational enhancements from a professional team-based environment. We believe in continual improvement, R&D creativity, simple/effective systematic management, customer-oriented services are the keys toward best customer satisfaction.


From the little improvements to the future new products, we have the technology for today’s industries. We continue to make us more competitive nowadays and afterwards in the CNC machining centers.


Learn more details about double column machining center and other bridge machine series, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact worldwide well-known Vision Wide Tech.


Vision Wide Tech Co., Ltd.

No.43, 17th Industrial Rd., Taiping, Taichung 41154, Taiwan

Tel: 886-4-2271 2000

Fax: 886-4-2271 2009

E-mail: info@visionwide.com.tw


The Best Plastic Buckle and Garment Accessory Manufacturer – Dyi Er Kang

Established in 1982, the first factory under the name of Concord Industrial Partnership. We started designing & producing all kinds of precision injection molds. In 1985, we set up a new plastic injection factory to produce plastic accessories, metal accessory plastic buckles and snaps. Combined with the previously-establish business, this new company took the name Dyi Er Kang Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Dyi Er Kang is the best garment accessory manufacturer of plastic garment / stationery accessory, metal garment accessory, metal hardware and other garment accessories. We provide diversified range of plastic products for plastic buckle, plastic snap button, cord lock, cord end, cord fastener, plastic zipper pull, plastic shoulder pad and more. If you need further details about plastic buckles and garment accessories, welcome to contact Dyi Er Kang for more products’ descriptions and specifications.



Plastic buckles can be used in various industries and applications such as outdoor sports and activities, clothing, marine & boating applications, juvenile products, equestrian and pet products, military and so on.


Dyi Er Kang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

No. 339, Cheng Kung 3 Rd., Nantou, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Contact: May Lin (Export Department)

Tel: 886-49-2256466

Fax: 886-49-2256488

E-Mail: dek@hibox.hinet.net


Outstanding Composite Fabric Manufacturer – Taiwan Electric Insulator

Established in 1978, Taiwan Electric Insulator Co. Ltd. is a world leading manufacturer of composite fabrics and composite materials, with the technology, knowledge and ability to produce the highest grade composite material to specific customers’ needs and requirements.


TEI has a vast range of specific composite materials for your needs, from electroplated glass-fiber, the latest bulletproof aramid fabrics to high spec carbon fiber and carbon modulus. Our vision is to keep developing new and innovative fabrics, keeping pace with the fast changes in composite development and design. Evolution and technical advancements are keys to this industry, and we look forward to helping you accomplish your individual dream.


The manufacturing world is constantly evolving, with new techniques and developments in material application. TEI’s products have a far reaching use in all areas of industry, with new applications being developed by us and our customers. The applications of composite fabrics include the aerospace industry, sports, medical, automotive, as well as hundreds of specific industries that rely on our products and know-how.


If you need more information about composite fabric or other composite materials such as aramid fabrics, welcome to visit website of Taiwan Electric Insulator and feel free to contact us!


Taiwan Electric Insulator Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 78, Wenzai Rd., Xianxi Township, Changhua County, Taiwan.

Tel: 888-4-7580966

Fax: 886-4-7580910

E-mail: teiandttc@teicomposite.com


Taiwan Leading Broaching Machine Manufacturer – Axisco

Axisco is a professional broaching machine manufacturer in Taiwan with ISO 9001:2008 & CE certificates.


Founded in 1984, Axisco is dedicated in manufacturing wide range of broaching machines, including horizontal broaching machine, vertical inner diameter broaching machine, vertical outer diameter broaching machine and universal broaching machine.


The vast amount of experience in special purpose machine field enables us to offer innovative turn-key solutions in broaching. Such as special tooling, fixtures, multi work stations, rotary tables, auto loading/unloading devices, and many concepts can be applied to fulfill customer’s production requirements.


If you need further details about broaching machine series or other machines, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact Axisco!


Axisco Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

No. 9, Lane 15, Heli Street, Taiping District, Taichung City, TAIWAN (411)

Tel: 886-4-22703188

Fax: 886-4-22783579

E-mail: info@axisco.com.tw


Top and Experienced Band Saw Manufacturer – Rong Fu

Taiwan Rong Fu manufactures milling/drilling machines and metal cutting band saws more than 30 years, for the domestic and overseas markets. We are rated No. 1 in Taiwan in the export of milling/drilling and band saws.

Rong Fu specializes in manufacturing band saw such as metal cutting band saw, geared drive metal cutting band saw, 2 way swivel metal cutting band saw, automatic band saws, milling machines and more. Its casting structure assures mechanical strength and full blade cover provides more safety.

Our BANDSAW products include horizontal type, European type, vertical type, semi and fully automatic and circular saw. The mill/drilling machines cover from light duty to heavy duty, also with radial drilling machines. Our customers enjoy variety selections and ONE STOP shopping at our door. At Rong Fu, customers always enjoy efficient and trustable after sales service, with continuous developing program. We sincerely welcome your valuable suggestions and product orders.

If you are interested in learning more band saw and other product details, please feel free to contact us.

Rong Fu Industrial Co., Ltd.

401 No. 17, Ching Wu East Road, Taichung, Taiwan

TEL: 886-4-22771199

FAX: 886-4-22569503

E-mail: rongfu@rongfumfg.com

High Quality and Safety at Air Chucks Manufacturer – Autogrip Machinery

Among all the clamp tools, the pneumatic chuck is one of the common type, it can hold the object tight via the force generate from compressed air. Since the power source is the air, the risk of leakage would be less dangerous than the other gas; it is a great solution in both operation and safety concern.


Compared with other equipment, the performance of pneumatic tool is more stable and easy to make adjustment according to the situation. For the better efficiency or the safer working environment, it would be a great solution for industrial applications.


Pneumatic Chucks are for use in machines without hydraulic cylinders. They can easily replace manual chucks, and are widely used in turning machines, rotary tables, handling equipment, welding machines and more.


Features of Pneumatic Chuck:

  • Power chuck with built in pneumatic cylinder.
  • Force transmission via wedge hook.
  • Mounting of the distributor ring on the headstock or with the centering ring on the chuck with an anti-rotation bracket.
  • Open and close only when spindle is stopped.
  • Easy installation with no additional adapters required.


Introduction of Autogrip’s Pneumatic Chuck

Special Purpose Power Chuck Series

AP Large Thru-Hole Air Chuck

  • Large through-hole 3-jaw power chuck with build in air cylinder.
  • With build-in “pressure detection” device in chuck which can check the pressure is lowered rapidly within the chuck, guarantee to the security of operating.
  • The supply air system of the patent, it is easy to install fast, and without abrasion by traditional sealed ring, that could able reduce maintenance and installation.


Established in 1989, Autogrip Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer in Taiwan. Our product lines include power chucks, special purpose power chucks, collet chucks, stationary chucks, synchronous clamps, facing heads, rotary cylinders, rotary valve/rotary joint and parts/accessories.


For special purpose power chuck, the quick jaw-change, four-jaw two-motion, pull lock, pull lock expansion, inclined master jaw, finger type, long stroke and power indexing power chuck are in the category. Autogrip is always your best partner of the workholding solutions. We also provide customized solutions, if you need customized products, please feel free to contact AUTOGRIP.


More details of pneumatic chucks and Autogrip…




No.229, Sec. 1, Ming Sheng Rd., Pu Hsin Hsiang, Chang-Hua Hsien, 513 Taiwan

Tel: +886-4-822-8719

Fax: +886-4-823-5719

E-mail: sales@autogrip.com.tw


The Highest Quality Machining Center Provider – Jiuh Yeh Precision Machinery

Established in 1988, JIUH-YEH specialized in manufacturing machining center and CNC milling machine. With years of experience, we provide only high quality products, which make us the leading precision machinery manufacturer. Company’s quality assurance system is made regarding ISO-9002 series international standard, including the needs of the organization, division of responsibilities, procedures, and resources. Also, JIUH-YEH has a strong R&D team to keep improving to meet the highest standard of client’s demand.


As the primary Machining Center Manufacturer in Taiwan, Jiuh Yeh supplies high-quality Machining Centers, Vertical Machining Center, and Horizontal Machining Center. Our cutting edge technology and complete customer service have made us a reliable manufacturer and earned us a well reputation worldwide. We treat our business and business of customers’ seriously. Our R&D continues to develop innovative products and keep our customers updated to the latest market trend. We look forward to creating a real value for our domestic and international customers.


Do you need further details about machining center series? If you need, please do not hesitate to visit our website and feel free to contact Jiuh Yeh for more information!



No.195, Rd.11, Ta-Li Industrial Park, Ta-Li Dist, Taichung City, Taiwan R.O.C.

TEL: 886-4-24915298

FAX: 886-4-24915301

E-mail: sales@jiuhyeh.com