Professional Lotion Pumps and Plastic Containers Provider – Aeco-Pack

Living Fountain Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1991, and its branch Aeco-Pack Corp. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of lotion pump, dispenser pumps, PET preform, PET bottles/containers/jars, trigger sprayers, and so on.


Aeco-Pack Corp. is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer and provide good quality products with competitive price. Prompt delivery and high quality have served the customers with great satisfaction. The head quarter of Aeco-Pack Corp. is in Taiwan, and the branches are in USA and Vietnam.


Aeco-Pack Corp. target globally markets and sold the products in Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Europe and the USA! The market share has kept growing rapidly. If you are interested in Pet Preform, Trigger Sprayers, and Lotion Pumps, please don’t hesitate to contact with us. The largest numbers and kinds of plastic bottles and containers are all in Aeco-Pack!


Living Fountain Plastic Ind. Co., Ltd.

No. 31, Lane 198, Minsheng Road, Wufeng District, Taichung City 413, Taiwan

TEL: 886-4-2331-8822

FAX: 886-4-2331-9922


Contact Person: Mr. John Chan / Sales Department

Exquisitely Design and Durable Nailer Guns Supplier – APACH

Apache is an Indian tribe in North American, according to legend, Apache was a warrior, who was brave and invincible and has been symbolized by Indians as an image of bravery and victory. This tribe has also been known for being intrepid and valiant in the Indian history. Therefore, posterity use his name for the Indian tribes named. Inheriting this tribe’s spirit, Apach has been constantly devoted to developing and making top-end tools since its inception.


Therefore, Apach exquisitely designs each of its nailer guns, and insists on strict durability testing of every piece of key components and parts, as well as rigid pre-delivery inspections of finished products. Just like Apache Indians who are physically strong and capable, Apach’s products are durable and can endure under harsh working environments, and therefore are highly recognized and sought-after by professionals worldwide. Today, Apach is a globally known brand.


APACH offers a complete product line to solve customers’ problems, including coil nailers, framing nailers, air finish nailers, staplers, carton closing tools and so forth, which are ideal for use in construction, pre-fabricated housing, pallets, furniture, upholstery, fencing and carton closing. Apach’s website: also provides further product information.


Underpinned by strong commitment to innovation and learning, as well as esprit de corps, APACH continues to launch new products to meet customers’ special requirements, pays close attention to each customer’s opinions, and provides speedy, timely services to clients. This globally prestigious brand is trustworthy.


Do you want to get more details about air finish nailers and other nailer guns? Welcome to visit our website, and then you can know information of Air Finish Nailers and APACH more intimately.




176 Industrial 9th Rd, Tali Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 41280

TEL: +886 -4-24915576

FAX: +886- 4-24915580