High Quality and Safety at Air Chucks Manufacturer – Autogrip Machinery

Among all the clamp tools, the pneumatic chuck is one of the common type, it can hold the object tight via the force generate from compressed air. Since the power source is the air, the risk of leakage would be less dangerous than the other gas; it is a great solution in both operation and safety concern.


Compared with other equipment, the performance of pneumatic tool is more stable and easy to make adjustment according to the situation. For the better efficiency or the safer working environment, it would be a great solution for industrial applications.


Pneumatic Chucks are for use in machines without hydraulic cylinders. They can easily replace manual chucks, and are widely used in turning machines, rotary tables, handling equipment, welding machines and more.


Features of Pneumatic Chuck:

  • Power chuck with built in pneumatic cylinder.
  • Force transmission via wedge hook.
  • Mounting of the distributor ring on the headstock or with the centering ring on the chuck with an anti-rotation bracket.
  • Open and close only when spindle is stopped.
  • Easy installation with no additional adapters required.


Introduction of Autogrip’s Pneumatic Chuck

Special Purpose Power Chuck Series

AP Large Thru-Hole Air Chuck

  • Large through-hole 3-jaw power chuck with build in air cylinder.
  • With build-in “pressure detection” device in chuck which can check the pressure is lowered rapidly within the chuck, guarantee to the security of operating.
  • The supply air system of the patent, it is easy to install fast, and without abrasion by traditional sealed ring, that could able reduce maintenance and installation.


Established in 1989, Autogrip Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer in Taiwan. Our product lines include power chucks, special purpose power chucks, collet chucks, stationary chucks, synchronous clamps, facing heads, rotary cylinders, rotary valve/rotary joint and parts/accessories.


For special purpose power chuck, the quick jaw-change, four-jaw two-motion, pull lock, pull lock expansion, inclined master jaw, finger type, long stroke and power indexing power chuck are in the category. Autogrip is always your best partner of the workholding solutions. We also provide customized solutions, if you need customized products, please feel free to contact AUTOGRIP.


More details of pneumatic chucks and Autogrip…




No.229, Sec. 1, Ming Sheng Rd., Pu Hsin Hsiang, Chang-Hua Hsien, 513 Taiwan

Tel: +886-4-822-8719

Fax: +886-4-823-5719

E-mail: sales@autogrip.com.tw


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