Experienced and with Outstanding Making Capability Band Saw Manufacturer – Actual Power

Established in 2006, Actual Power is the professional manufacturer of band saw in Taiwan. With the plenty experience of R&D and outstanding manufacturing capability, Actual Power positively promotes its band saws to worldwide.


We value the first impression of the customers gained from the color, so we choose the standard color below to express the innovating spirit separately of Actual Power.


Red….. Energy and Positivity

Black….. Stability and Persistency

White….. Elegance and Sense of Beauty


The target of our positive & enthusiastic team work is to design more stable, friendly operation band saws to obtain the reliability from the customers. Now we have developed the full serial models of semi-automatic and fully automatic. We also offer the customization of vertical saws according to the special requirement.


As our company name Actual Power shows confidently, we make the progress step by step with our actual power in this line. If you want to purchase the reputable and durable band saws, Actual Power is your best choice.


Do not hesitate to visit our website and feel free to contact Actual Power to obtain further information about band saws series!


Actual Power Co., Ltd.

No.46-90, Shichuan Rd., Caotun Township, Nantou County 542, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL: 886-49-2330680, 886-49-2330683

FAX: 886-49-2330661


Remarkable Welding Machine Equipment Manufacturer – Jiu Tai

Established in 1983, Jiu Tai Precision Industries Corp. is a remarkable welding equipment manufacturer specializing in producing welding machine equipment and wire mesh especially for welded mesh, chain link fence and conveyor belts, which are outstanding among the counterparts. Sticking to the business concept of making the best better and pursuing perfection, we dedicate to product research and development all the time. Its excellent quality, great trustworthiness and moderate price earn us scores of praises.


In 1992, concerning the further improvement of quality and quantity as well as efficient services, we moved to a new premise occupying more than 10,000 m2 in Douliou Industrial Park and recruited professionals to upgrade production techniques. Thus, our business was expanded to production and marketing of welding equipment, fully automatic chain link fence M/C, high-speed barbed wire M/C and hexagonal wire netting M/C that made our business development specialized and diversified. In addition, we acquired sanction of the mark and ISO 9001 certificate.


“What do customers demand for?” reminds us that we must offer quality welding machine equipment at moderate price. This is our promise to customers’ success on market. Moreover, regarding to product QC, Jiu Tai equipped with the state-of-the-art testers, is well experienced in strict product inspection that guarantees superior product qualities and gains customer reliability.


If you are interested in Jiu Tai’s welding machine equipment and other machines, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact Jiu Tai for further details!




No.36, Minyou St., Douliou Industrial Area, Yunlin, Taiwan

Tel: 886-5-5570911

Fax: 886-5-5570916

Email: jt0911@jiu-tai.com.tw



Products of Jiu Tai: wire welding equipment, welded mesh, chain link fence and conveyor belts, fully automatic chain link fence M/C, high-speed barbed wire M/C and hexagonal wire netting M/C.

The Leading and Experienced Hand Saw Manufacturers – Chan Long

Chan Long Enterprise Co., Ltd. is one of professional and high quality hand saw manufacturers in the industry. We specialize in manufacturing full series of hand saws such as folding saw, pruning saw, sheathed saw, pull saw, Japanese saw and so on handy saws. Various hand saws can be found on Chan Long’s website.


Hand saws of Chan Long are used in PVC plumbing, carpentry, interior decorating, making freight pallets and tree pruning. Our blades are manufactured with high-carbon steel, which has been tested to Hardness Rockwell C (HRC) 52 degrees. The teeth of saws have undergone impulse so that it has hardness to HRC 63 degrees and thus 3-times the durability of regular saws. Moreover, Chan Long’s blades are chrome-plated to provide an antirust surface and smooth characteristics reducing friction. The factory is equipped with German-made professional machinery to ensure the highest quality.


If you are interested in or need further details about Chan Long hand saw manufacturers, welcome to visit our website where supplying various information of handy saw series. Any questions you have are also welcome to contact Chan Long – we always offer high quality products and service for customers.


Chan Long Enterprise Co., Ltd

113, Tung-Hsing 3rd St., Puli, Nantou 54549, Taiwan.

TEL: +886-49-2995656

FAX: +886-49-2995628

E-mail: chan-long88@umail.hinet.net


Experienced and Professional Flexometer Manufacturer – Ektron Tek

Ektron Tek Co., Ltd. is a flexometers and various rubber testing instrument making company which has professional research and maintenance team. With more than 30 years of experience and technology, we have marketed our products worldwide with our brand EKTRON TEK. Thanks to continuous efforts and innovation, we have gained the trust and compliments as a world-reputed company from our customers and have maintained the leading position of rubber testing instruments industry in Asia.


Introduction to the founder


The founder of Ektron Tek is the designer who made the first computerized Rheometer in Asia and the one who established the rheometer principle. At present he’s the leader in our team of the rubber testing instruments development. We insist on providing excellent products quality and fast after-sales service to meet our client’s requirements.


Introduction to core business


Ektron Tek is continuously devoted to research and develop new products, and has obtained lots of technical patents year after year. Currently we mainly provide Moving Die (Foam Pressure) Rheometer, Oscillating Disc Rheometer, fully automatic high and low temperature Ozone tester, Plunger tester, Tensile tester, Mixing grader, Flexometer, Low Temperature Retraction Tester and Air Tight Tester… etc.


Research and development concept


Technological research and development is one of the key-points of future high technology industry. Since its inception, Ektron Tek has been completely devoted to the research and development of rubber instruments. So far, we have made a lot of improvement of current products and designed with friendly operation interface. Ektron Tek pays much attention on professional training our technical team to assist customers in product design and technological consultation.


Precise and stringent manufacturing flow


To produce precision components with consistent quality, Ektron Tek has imported CNC equipment from Germany and implemented the strictest production flow to create an efficient working environment. Our working flow is planned and implemented according to ISO guidelines so that our products fully conform to the ISO standard. Ektron Tek has also imported 3D inspection instruments from Switzerland to ensure component precision.


Fully-equipped laboratory


To provide better service to customers, Ektron Tek has set up its own laboratory under the national standard with precision calibration equipment and professional laboratory personnel. We have also passed TAF (formerly CNLA) certification of the calibration laboratory and signed I_LAC MRA. Our lab has continuously upgraded its calibration capability to satisfy customers’ requirements. Thanks to approval of our technology, presently Ektron Tek also provides force calibration instruments for first grade laboratories.


With rich experiences, Ektron Tek manufactures high quality rubber testing equipment, which including flexometers, mixing graders, tire testing machines etc. For more specification about our flexometer series, you can browse the product list on Ektron Tek’s website and feel free to contact us!