The Leading and Experienced Hand Saw Manufacturers – Chan Long

Chan Long Enterprise Co., Ltd. is one of professional and high quality hand saw manufacturers in the industry. We specialize in manufacturing full series of hand saws such as folding saw, pruning saw, sheathed saw, pull saw, Japanese saw and so on handy saws. Various hand saws can be found on Chan Long’s website.


Hand saws of Chan Long are used in PVC plumbing, carpentry, interior decorating, making freight pallets and tree pruning. Our blades are manufactured with high-carbon steel, which has been tested to Hardness Rockwell C (HRC) 52 degrees. The teeth of saws have undergone impulse so that it has hardness to HRC 63 degrees and thus 3-times the durability of regular saws. Moreover, Chan Long’s blades are chrome-plated to provide an antirust surface and smooth characteristics reducing friction. The factory is equipped with German-made professional machinery to ensure the highest quality.


If you are interested in or need further details about Chan Long hand saw manufacturers, welcome to visit our website where supplying various information of handy saw series. Any questions you have are also welcome to contact Chan Long – we always offer high quality products and service for customers.


Chan Long Enterprise Co., Ltd

113, Tung-Hsing 3rd St., Puli, Nantou 54549, Taiwan.

TEL: +886-49-2995656

FAX: +886-49-2995628



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