Taiwan Die Face Cutter Extruder Manufacturing Expert – KOWIN

KOWIN continuously dedicates to the research & development and marketing of various types of plastic recycling machinery for a long period—providing high efficiency recycling machinery and helping customers recycle plastic waste and reproduce into final products. In this article, we will simply introduce you one of plastic waste recycling machinery – Die Face Cutter Extruder.


Die Face Cutting Extrusion – Pelletizing Machine

Die Face Cutting Extrusion – Pelletizing Machine

Based on expertise technique, KOWIN designs and manufactures the die face cutter extruders in aspect of customer and operator. A production line of low power consumption, high capacity and easy-operation, it allows customers to produce high quality recycled pellets.


KOWIN continues researching and developing updated machines for customers.

The only die face cutter extruder in Taiwan is able to smoothly recycle PP woven sack in high capacity.


Advantages of Die Face Cutter:


  • Patent force feeding system. The powerful compounding & force feeding system is controlled by inverter. Inverter also can control the force-feeding sweeping speed, and the speed adjustment is decided by the frequency of force-feeding sweeping direction (run clockwise & change being turned reverse automatic as per the frequency change).
  • No bridging situation. It absolutely 100% solves the problem in using the machines of other suppliers.
  • Heavy duty construction design, no vibrating in machine while production.
  • Low temperature pelletizing.
  • Very low ampere when in full production. Energy-saving.


As a professional plastic waste recycling and reproducing machinery turn-key plant manufacturer, KOWIN, providing a variety of high quality plastic recycling machinery. If you are interested in understanding more information about die face cutter extruder, welcome to visit the website of KOWIN, and feel free to send inquiry or contact with us for further details!




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Taiwan Outstanding Wire Cutting Machine Manufacturer – EXCETEK

In 2006, the EXCETEK established a R&D and technical team with extensive experience, persisting on independent research and development, using the high core competence in electromechanical development to build the outstanding function and quality of CNC wire cutting machines, using innovation, marketability and practicability to successfully develop the wire cutting machine with turbine engine only used for aerospace industry. The use of design and manufacturing especially for customized models shows our differentiated advantage. We successfully market our own brand to be sold in more than 30 countries in the world, which can be described as the pride of Taiwan and admirable MIT enterprise. It is worth to be mentioned we won 16th Rising Star Award in 2013, 22nd National Award of Outstanding SMEs, and 2015 Golden Hand award Taichung, furthermore, there are a range of products will be selected for Taiwan Excellence Awards.


In order to meet customers’ needs, EXCETEK get the ISO quality, and CE safety international certification, we provide high-quality after-sale system and standard, establishing integrated sales and marketing service, due to the appreciation from customer, EXCETEK become the first choice in wire cutting machine industry. It is worth to be mentioned that EXCETEK wire cutting machines sold to all over the world in ten years.


Each step EXCETEK stridden represents that Taiwan wire cutting machines have made a big improvement. We will continue to make efforts to innovate R&D and lean production so as to establish the continuously improved enterprise culture. Adhering to the business philosophy “Trustiness” and “Innovation”, targeting the Initial Public Offering (IPO), we hope to build the world-class sustainable happy enterprise.


Welcome to visit the website of EXCETEK, the leading manufacturer of wire cutting machine, to learn more information about electrical discharge machining, die sinking EDM, and wire cutting machine etc. machinery. Feel free to contact with us!


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Top Tool Grinder and Cutter Grinder Manufacturer – Top Work

Established in 1985, TOP WORK Industry Co., Ltd. is an expert of manufacturing cutter grinders and tool grinders, including universal tool grinder, CNC tool grinder and HOB sharpening machine. We specialize in the grinder development to diversify our products and elevate the quality.


We distinguish ourselves as a manufacturer with a strong engineering tradition and provides substantial added value in the tool grinders brought to market. Quality is an essential, inseparable part of every process at Top Work. In addition, a commitment for excellence is required of every employee at Top Work.


Our tool grinder series are certified by ISO 9001-2000 and CE certification, and won the R&D fund of government. In Taiwan, we get a good reputation because of the trust of our customers as well as the worldwide agents. That is the reason we can compete with the Europe competitors.


The name of Top Work Industry Co., Ltd. is the company’s doctrine. For an everlasting enterprise, every detail to be the TOP WORK is the goal of our company forever. Welcome to visit the website of Top Work, a variety of tool grinders and cutter grinding machines can be found on the site. If you need further specification about our products, do not hesitate to contact with us.




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Taiwan Professional Shoes Materials Manufacturer – Jiunn Jang Textile

Established in 1975, Jiunn Jang Textile Co., Ltd. is primarily engaged in developing industrial textiles and fabrics in various forms and types, and also accepts customer orders for woven and knitted fabric meshes, primarily used by bag and shoe manufacturers.


At the time when the world market is demanding high quality products and in order to satisfy customers with innovating and outstanding product value, we have continued to develop new types of TPU, PVC, nylon mesh, polyester mesh, as well as many other industrial fabrics. Additionally, we have implemented advanced equipment and computerized automation production processes, which have improved product value, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.


Our main products are industrial fabrics, bag fabrics, stationary bags, shoe materials and materials for outdoor use. In this article, we simply introduce Jiunn Jang’s shoes material series below:


Shoes Material

Jiunn Jang manufactures three kinds of fabric using for shoes material.


  • First, the mesh fabric which is made of nylon or polyester yarn is very breathable. Besides the normal color, some of them can also be metallic silver color.


  • The second one is similar carbon fabric. It looks like carbon, but it is made of nylon or polyester yarn. So, it is called similar carbon fabric.


  • The third one is spandex fabric. Its characteristics are flexible.


After reading this article, whether you are interested in further details about shoes materials? Welcome to visit the website of Jiunn Jang, we would not make you disappointed, we not only create new product for customer but also we would do the best service and quality for them. Feel free to contact with us. We will be happy to see your any reply.



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Applications of Antenna in Transportation – Cirocomm GNSS Antenna Manufacturer

With the fast developing and popularity of smart phone, the need of services and applications of Internet increase rapidly. Aside from consumer electronics, automotive telematics system also applies wireless communication technology-. The new automatic telematics system includes navigation, Bluetooth, GMS/LTE, and WIFI. Wireless communication has become a very important part of telematics systems.


In addition to automotive telematics system, wireless communication technology also plays a very important role in transportation area, such as fleet management, marine navigation, and even in-flight WIFI system. These new applications indicate the value of wireless communication technology. Cirocomm’s products applied massively in transportation industry. From active/passive GNSS antenna, GSM/LTE ceramic antenna, to WIFI antenna that designed dedicated to In-flight WIFI system, we provide variety choices of quality antenna solution for transportation industry.


Reference Case

Telematics system


Cirocomm Technology cooperates with world leading Italian Tier 1 automotive system supplier, we provide GNSS antennas and multi band GSM ceramic antennas for their automotive telematics systems.




One of the famous OBD brand in America applied with Bluetooth, GPS, and GSM antennas that designed by Cirocomm.


In-Flight WIFI System


We assist one of world leading In-flight entertainment and communication system supplier with WIFI antenna for their very first In-flight WIFI system. With ceramic patch antenna’s unique characteristic, we successfully designed the antenna which suitable for cabin environment.


Founded in 1996, Cirocomm is a leading provider and designer in microwave communication components industry. As the first and the only these years, we are providing a large scale of passive 3C components, including dielectric resonators, dielectric filter and ceramic one supplier. Cirocomm also supplies quality antenna series such as GNSS antenna, GPS antenna, WIFI antenna, and chip antenna etc. If you need more information about our products, welcome to visit the website of Cirocomm to obtain further specifications and details. Feel free to contact with us.



Cirocomm Technology Corp.

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Excellent OCT-200MA Model Micro EDMs in OCEAN EDM Manufacturer

Established in 2000, OCEAN Technologies Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of EDM, Drilling EDM, and Auto Control Design. We also provide Micro EDMs for customers. OCT-200MA model micro EDMs is just one of high quality products in OCEAN, and then having a simple overview below.


OCT-200MA Micro Electro-Discharge Machines
OCT-200MA Micro Electro-Discharge Machines

OCEAN’s micro EDMs is with state of the art technology. Its ultra high positioning accuracy: +/- 2 um. Controller of super fine resolution: 0.1 um. Besides, OCT-200MA Micro EDMs have Window 2000® control platform with 15″ touch panel LCD.


Wire Electrical Discharge Grinding Equipment (WEDG)

Offers extraordinary grinding performance, the electrode diameter can less than 0.02 mm.


High Precision Micro Multi-Hole Machining

The 3000 rpm highly balanced ultra-precision spindle provides outstanding hole drilling and shaping features, the optimum hole diameter can be 0.03 mm.


Our OCT-200MA Micro EDMs is with wide applicable fields that can use on Micro Multi-Hole, Surgical Equipment, Micro-Fluidic Channels, and Watch Core etc.


OCEAN is an outstanding Micro EDMs manufacturer in Taiwan. If you need more information about EDM series, welcome to visit our website to learn further details. Feel free to send inquiry or contact with OCEAN.



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