EVERISING Fully Automatic Circular Saw Won The 26th Taiwan Excellence Award

Choose EVERISING Circular Saw To Help You Work Easier.

Congratulations! EVERISING is awarded Taiwan Excellence Award 2018. Its high quality “P-50C / P-75C / P-100C / P-150C Model Fully Automatic Circular Saw” shows EVERISING’s excellence and success.

Below, I will show you the information about EVERISING and its awarded machinery.

About EVERISING Band Saw Company

EVERISING has been specializing in mid to large size band saws and circular saws since 1982. Its R&D has yielded constant break-through over the years and has made it become the leading band saw manufacturer in the industry. With two factories in Taichung, Taiwan and another in Kunshan, China, yearly output is in excess of 2,000 units. In Taiwan, sales offices are located in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. China has over ten branch offices and service centers, providing complete pre-sales and after-sales services with full scale sawing technology. EVERISING has more than forty sales distributors around the world, and its equipment can be found in over sixty countries worldwide.

The Circular Saw Machine Won Taiwan Excellence Award 2018

Fully Automatic Circular Saw

P-50C / P-75C / P-100C / P-150C

Fully Automatic Circular Saw

Circular Saw Characteristic

  1. Machine construction by full enclosure protection cover.
  2. Cutting and feeding driven by AC servo motor and precision ball screw.
  3. Bars are conveyed by heavy duty rollers with floating support mechanism to eliminate lateral run-out of the material.
  4. Hydraulic cylinder may shift the bar material upwards/downwards automatically.
  5. Automatic chip conveyor under saw blade directly.
  6. Air filter for collecting oil smoke for maintaining clean environment.
  7. Inner brake: reduce vibration make cutting steady, reach high accuracy cutting and lengthen the blade life.
  8. Cooling air blow to saw blade for extending life time.
  9. Compact Hydraulic unit for easy maintenance and service.
  10. Friendly and easy to operate touch screen.
  11. Vertical and horizontal hydraulic clamping devices.

If you are interested in learning more information about EVERISING circular saws, welcome to visit their website


Taiwan Excellence – EVERISING

EVERISING CNC Band Saw Manufacturer Is Always Your Best Cooperation Partner!

Micro Drill EDM Manufacturing Expert – OSCARMAX

EDM Machines Manufacturer


OSCARMAX has had 30 years of history since being established in 1985. Over many years, OSCAMRAX has been totally dedicated to design and manufacturing of electrical discharge machines. Its objective is to subvert the general impression of low machining speed of EDMs. Therefore, the company has spent great efforts in developing high speed EDM machining technology, where to create the best results in speed, accuracy and surface roughness.


Meet Customers’ Requirements


Taiwan’s machine tool industry is unique in the world, providing the advantages of fast assembly and easy access to parts. With these advantages, OSCARMAX has successfully developed 62 models of EDMs to meet various market demands. All models are available to make changes in design to suit customers’ requirements.


OSCAMRAX offers the most comprehensive range of EDM machines including micro drill EDM, die sinker EDM, and CNC EDM machine etc. to satisfy the market requirements precisely.


Currently OSCARMAX is the leading OEM manufacturer of EDMs in Taiwan and Korea.


If you want to obtain more information about OSCARMAX micro drill EDM, try to watch video below:



Other EDM machine videos and details please check out OSCARMAX’s website.




No.359, Xuetian Rd., Wuri Dist., Taichung City 414, Taiwan

TEL: 886-4-23385818

FAX: 886-4-23380035

E-mail: oscaredm@oscaredm.com.tw

The Reason Why to Choose Maxclaw as Your Tube Cutting Tools Supplier?

Always adheres and follows the business philosophy of “Product Variety & Quality Guarantee & Best Service”.


Founded in 1985, Maxclaw Tools Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of specializing in kinds of tube cutting tools. Its main products include tube cutters, double flaring tools, tube bending tools, deburring tools, wrenches, PEX crimping tools and much more. The company supplies various tube tools, OEM and ODM services to meet customer needs to earn excellent public praise of honor.


A question comes out, do you know what a tube cutter is?


What is a Tube Cutter?


When a plastic or metal pipe needs to be cut cleanly and quickly, a tube cutter is the ideal tool for the job.


Tube cutting tools are hand-held tools or machines that use a rotating cutting wheel, blade, or other tool head to separate a long piece of tubular material into two or more parts. The type of cutter used depends on the material, diameter, and thickness of the pipe or tube.


Well, where can see the applications of the tube cutting tools?


Tube Cutters are Frequently Used :


  • to create custom piping systems both for residential and commercial buildings
  • for industrial plumbing or processing lines for fluid transfer systems
  • for waste water treatment
  • for fluid or gas handling
  • for heating and cooling systems


Finally, do you know where to find the best tube cutters?


Selection of The Best Tube Tools


If you are looking for high quality tube cutters, I recommend that you can check out the product pages of Maxclaw. The company passed ISO9001-2000 capable of providing customers with reliable quality assurance in 2001. Maxclaw always insists on product variety, quality conformance and consistent service to satisfy buyers and end users worldwide.


Choose Maxclaw tube cutting tools, you don’t need to worry about tool quality. Its high quality can help your work become easier.


More details about Maxclaw, try to check out below:


Maxclaw Tools Co., Ltd.

No. 336, Sec. 2, Huanhe Rd., Wurih Township, Taichung County 41470, Taiwan

TEL: 886-4-23377969

FAX: 886-4-23377818

E-mail: sales@maxclaw.com.tw

Power Master : Recommendable Solar Panel Manufacturer

What is Solar Energy?

By definition, solar energy is energy derived from the sun. The energy can be used directly to heat, and light homes or it can be converted into electricity using solar energy technologies like solar panels. People are increasingly investing in solar energy to save on out-of-pocket costs and get rid of dangerous and expensive power lines.


This energy can be harnessed by installing solar panels that can reduce our dependence on other countries for consistent supply of coal to produce electricity. This makes it an attractive energy prospect for most countries that are looking to go completely green in the future.


Where to Find The Right Solar Panel?


If you are looking for the excellent solar panel manufacturer, I recommend that you can consider Power Master Technology Co., Ltd.


This company was established in 1999. Power Master is specializing in Modified and Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters, Solar inverter, Inverter with built in Battery Charger, On Line & Off Line UPS, and designed three stage Battery Chargers.


The company with industry integration expertise provides professional solution to accommodate customers’ specific needs in home and office appliances, mobile applications, marine, solar power applications, wind power, electronic equipment, and various applications.


If you are interested in learning further details about Power Master solar panel manufacturer, try to watch the video below:



Article Source: Various Advantages of Solar Energy – Conserve Energy Future

Taiwan Excellence Award 2018: Excetek NP600L Wire EDM Machine

Excetek Technologies is always the best EDM machines manufacturer for you.




Excetek is awarded The 26th Taiwan Excellence Award. Its latest product “NP600L Intelligent High Precision Liner Motor Wire EDM Machine” proves the significant success of Excetek’s innovation and quality by winning this award.


I’m going to show you this excellent EDM machine details below:


Intelligent High Precision Liner Motor Wire EDM Machine


Excetek Taiwan Excellence Award

  1. Innovation Value

(1)Precision: low error, intelligent processing module and smart corner control.

(2)Efficiency: DPM module, Improve efficiency.

(3) Cost saving: intelligent power management, low running costs.

(4) Intelligent networking: Remote monitor and management, connect all controller portable device monitor.

(5) Automation: high speed auto wire threading, workpiece transfer robot, auto measurement and correction.


  1. Marketing Characteristics

(1) International layout: Marketing more than 36 countries around the world with the EXCETEK brand.

(2) Looking at China: East, South & North are the three major sales areas, focusing on 3C, automotive, aerospace and other industries.

(3) Based on Taiwan: Carefully developed the core technology, Taiwan’s product market share of 40%.


  1. Technical Achievements

(1) Germany New Type 20 2007 004305.8 No. Drahteinfangvorrichtung.









If you want to learn more information about Excetek’s EDM machines or Taiwan Excellence Award, try to check out below:


Excetek Technologies Co., Ltd.

Website: http://www.excetek.com

Taiwan Excellence

Website: https://www.taiwanexcellence.org/en

Reliable Stubby Air Impact Wrench Manufacturing Company – Apach Industrial Co., Ltd.

Professional Air Impact Wrench Manufacturer


Apach has been constantly devoted to developing and making top-end tools since its inception.


Therefore, Apach exquisitely designs each of its nailer guns, and insists on strict durability testing of every piece of key components and parts, as well as rigid pre-delivery inspections of finished products. Its products are durable and can endure under harsh working environments, and therefore are highly recognized and sought-after by professionals worldwide. Today, Apach is a globally known brand.


APACH offers a complete product line to solve customers’ problems, including coil nailers, framing nailers, finish nailers, staplers, carton closing tools and so forth, which are ideal for use in construction, pre-fabricated housing, pallets, furniture, upholstery, fencing and carton closing.


One of Excellent Pneumatic Tools at APACH


Today, I’m going to have a simple introduction about Apach’s stubby air impact wrench for you.


1/2” Stubby Air Impact Wrench


Stubby Air Impact Wrench

AW045D Model stubby air impact wrench with jumbo hammer mechanism for maximum power and minimal vibration. It’s with stubby, compact frame for working in tight spaces.


Special Features:

  • 10 Pc/14.00kgs. /16.00kgs. /0.80’
  • Mechanism:Jumbo Hammer
  • Highest Durable Grade Steel Anvil
  • Handle Exhaust
  • Forward 3 Position;Reverse: 3 Position
  • Components With Durable And Heavy Duty Materials
  • Die Casting Of Housing
  • Components With Durable And Heavy Duty Materials
  • Short Length: Only 3 5/8” From Front To Rear Allows For Easy Access In Cramped Spaces



  • Industry
  • Workshop
  • Automotive
  • Motorcycle
  • Agriculture Machine


Where to Find The Quality Air Impact Wrench?


If you are interested in learning more information about stubby air impact wrench, welcome to visit the product pages of Apach. Numerous hand tool series are waiting for your discovery. Feel free to send inquiries or contact Apach directly!


Having an Apach air impact wrench that will help you are more productive.



176 Industrial 9th Rd, Tali Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 41280

TEL: +886 -4-24915576

FAX: +886- 4-24915580

E-mail: info@apach.com.tw

2017 Taichung Bike Week is Coming. Are You Ready to Participate The Grand Event?

Taichung Bike Week is opening tomorrow. So exciting event, isn’t?


BEV.INT’L CORP, as one of leading bicycle components manufacturer, also attend this grand event. This is a great opportunity to discuss product and pricing with BEV for your MY 2017 bike range. It is best to arrange a meeting in advance with BEV. If you are interested, try to contact with BEV’s sales team of each brand separately.

BEV Taichung Bike Week

By the way, if you are a first-time user of TBW, try to see the overview of Taichung Bike Week below.


TBW is the most important and unique trade show in the bicycle industry. Its unique format allows quality face to face time between buyers and suppliers.


All this takes place inside five star hotels so you can work, sleep and play all in one location without the hassle of trekking in and out of an exhibition center.


The event is run on a non-profit basis by bike industry professionals who volunteer their free time for the benefit of the whole bike industry community.


Taichung Bike Week takes place at four hotels in Taichung–The Evergreen, The Tempus, The Splendor Hotel and The Lin Hotel. Each hotel can provide different sized booths and meeting rooms to meet exhibitors’ requirements.


Taichung Bike Week offers exhibitors:

  • Concentrated Access to OE Product Managers From All over The World.
  • Private Meeting Rooms for Sales Meetings
  • Product Display Aimed at Straight to Their Customers
  • Opportunities for Expanding Customer Base
  • Industry Networking Opportunities


For more information about 2017 Taichung Bike Week, welcome to check out here: www.taichungbikeweek.com

2017 Taichung Bike Week

The Importance of Choosing the Right Bike Frame and Manufacturer

At The Core of Every Excellent Bike Is A Great Frame.

Choose right bike frames that can reduce the risk of mechanical & physical safety and increase your comfort & efficiency.


When asked, “What kind of bike do you ride?” most of us will quickly utter the name that appears on our bike frame. Though every bike is made up of a collection of parts from several manufacturers, the frame manufacturer usually gets credit for making the bike what it is. This is not entirely incorrect, as the details of each frame’s construction determine how the bike will behave more than any other single component.


Choose your bike frame wisely that will bring you more convenience.


Well, maybe you will ask “Where to find the best bicycle frame manufacturer?”


At this time, I will recommend that you can visit and contact with Maxway Cycles Co., Ltd. They are a professional bicycle frame manufacturer and have been in this industry for over 30 years.


They specialize in producing various types of Top-End frames in steel, aluminum and carbon fiber composite materials. From conventional hardtail, suspension, recumbent, electrical, trial, dual slalom and BMX…to whatever you can name it, they are able to make it.


Maxway currently supply to global customers. You don’t need to worry about their product quality. Many of their clients are reputed bicycle assemblers, such as Jamis, DMR, Ritchey, Surly, Salsa, Dawes, Greenspeed, Rans, VooDoo…. and so on.


Maxway takes pride in having the best quality of bike frames in the industry and in having meticulous control over quality and production. They are fully confident about doing the greatest job for our customers. As a customer of Maxway, you are assured of receiving the highest quality product at a reasonable price in short lead-time.


For more information about Maxway Cycles, try to check out their product pages and feel free to send inquiry or contact them.


Select A Right Bike Frame to Enjoy The Most Wonderful Riding Experience!


Maxway Bike Frame Manufacturer

No.139-3, Dongming Road, Dajia Dist. Taichung City 43773, Taiwan R.O.C.

TEL: 886-4-26815668

FAX: 886-4-26816448

E-mail: maxway@mail.maxway.com.tw