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Professional Manufacturing Capabilities of Lathe End Mill

JIN LI CHENG cutting tool Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, focusing on the manufacture, production, and research and development of various tungsten carbide cutting tools such as milling cutters, drills, reamers, and round nose knives. They provide carbide thread milling cutter, lathe end mill, micro-grain carbide end mill, tungsten carbide milling cutters, etc different cutting tools.

In order to continuously meet the challenging processing requirements of customers, the professional team provides timely, efficient, and professional services. JIN LI CHENG regards customer needs as their own needs. For them, high-quality products and providing high-quality services are long-term establishments. The key to customer relationships.

In addition to providing standard tungsten carbide cutting tools, they also provide customized tungsten carbide cutting tools. The range of customized tools ranges from standard tools to highly specialized tools, even the profiled tools used in specific industries are customizable. All the tools in their catalog are stocked to save customers waiting time.

Strict Gatekeeping Procedures of Lathe End Mill

Whether it is tool inspection, manufacturing, or factory inspection when entering the factory, JIN LI CHENG will make professional inspections.

The tools that enter the factory will be cleaned and classified, then the ZOLLER tool measuring instruments is used to collect the relevant data of the re-grinding tool, which can automatically measure the various relevant data used to generate the grinding program. The amount of re-grinding can be reproduced, performance, increase the use of tools and the number of regrinds.

Then simulate the measurement program, and modify or generate a new NC grinding program, and transfer the NC grinding program to the general-purpose tool grinder for re-grinding, which greatly reduces the preparation time

The tools are 100% inspected before shipment to strengthen the accuracy of the verification, reduce costs, and improve the quality of the tools. They also provide complete measurement records and report files.

JIN LI CHENG adheres to strict tolerance standards, to maintain the quality of customers’ products. If you are interested in cutting tools, please contact JIN LI CHENG!


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