The Professional Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer – Chia Ming Machinery Co., Ltd. The Reliable Taiwan Partner

Chia-Ming Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of blow molding machines and PET blow molding machines in Taiwan. Their customers cover many countries around the world, including America, Africa, and Asia. They uphold the enthusiasm for service, grasp the market trend, and continue to work hard to R&D provide customers with better machinery and create higher-value products.

As a blow molding machine manufacturer, Chia-Ming is committed to improving the production efficiency of PET blow molding machines and creating higher benefits for customers. The main two types of machines provided are extrusion blow molding machines and PET blow molding machines, which are suitable for the manufacture of various plastic bottles. These stretch blow moulding machines with a wide range of applications, such as Petrochemicals & Chemical
, Food Packaging, Cleaning Supplies, Cosmetic, Water & Beverage Packaging, Medical Supplies, etc.

With many years of experience, Chia-Ming has the ability to design the most suitable models for the special requirements of customers and provide complete and appropriate services. As the improvement of environmental protection awareness, they also actively develop all-electric models. This type of model not only saves labor costs but reduces pollution, furthermore, the low noise and low energy consumption, characteristics can meet the needs of domestic and foreign Bottling industry requirements.

Creating higher-tech products to meet the ever-changing market demand, improving customers’ market competitiveness and profitability is what Chia-Ming pursues. If you have any interest in their products, please contact them.


No. 90, Dongcheng Rd., North District, Taichung City 40463, Taiwan

TEL : +886-4-22332281

FAX : +886-4-22306247

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