Hydraulic Seals Manufacturer: Asa Oil Seal, Leading Oil Seals Brand in Taiwan

Professional Oil Seals Manufacturer

Hydraulic Oil Seals

ASA Oil Seals Co., Ltd. is an experienced hydraulic seal manufacturer with more than 10 years experiences in oil seal tooling design and manufacturing.


The company is unique in the special oil seal series industry and produces own oil seal tooling. ASA offers oil seals for European cars, U.S. tractors, agricultural machinery and more.


All aspects of oil seal manufacturing from inspection of materials, testing of samples, compression molding through packaging are done in-house. To ensure the quality of the oil seals, all the products have been made as per ISO certification, but will meet your higher standard of a 100% inspection. Besides, ASA will provide free ASTM 2000 elastomer test reports and free slabs and bottoms for your independent testing of each oil seal.


ASA provides high efficiency and reliable products and uses only the finest materials in the compression molding of their products. ASA’s goal is to protect you and your customer with the highest quality possible, so that maintain a long-term relationship.


If you want to learn more details about hydraulic oil seals, come and visit ASA Oil Seals Co., Ltd… They will be your best cooperation partner for oil seals.



ASA Oil Seals Co., Ltd.

No. 5 – 20, Nan Hsing St., San Ho Tsun, Fuh Hsing Hsiang, Chang Hwa Hsien, Taiwan

TEL: 886-4-7701111

FAX: 886-4-7700011

E-mail: asa@asa-seals.com

Looking for O Rings? Chain Yeeh Industrial Would Be An Excellent Choice!

What are O rings?


Most mechanical systems require seals. These devices help join mechanisms together by preventing leakage and are crucial to the functionality of machinery. A gasket is a type of seal that is compressed in the area between two or more surfaces.


O-rings are donut-shaped gaskets that can be used in static or dynamic applications. Furthermore, O rings are easily manufactured, inexpensive, and dependable; making them one of the most common seals used in machinery across the globe.


Where to Find Excellent O Rings Manufacturer?


There are so much great O-rings manufacturers that you can find by the Internet, such as AOK, BOYD, JENP etc. Here, I recommend one of the excellent o ring manufacturers to you – Chain Yeeh Industrial Co., Ltd.


Established in 1991, Chain Yeeh Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of specializing in high quality oil seal, O-ring and packing. Manufacturing process from mould opening to finished products are all engaged in Chain Yeeh’s plant that can offer professional design and production for clients with special needs. Besides, their own brands, the worldwide marketing trademarks, are highly praised by American and European partners.


In 1999, Chain Yeeh brought in the ISO-9002 system. Put them into practice on the manufacture process and then successfully acquired ISO-9002 and ISO-9001 certification.


Chain Yeeh says that they will insist on policy that only high quality and customers count and keep in offering clients upper-quality products in the future.


Learn more information, try to check out here: www.phle-oilseal.com



Chain Yeeh Industrial Co., Ltd.

No. 67, Lane 365, Chang Shui Rd. Secl, Pu Yen Shiang 516 Chang Hua Hsien, Taiwan R.O.C

TEL: +886-4-865-3322

FAX: +886-4-865-1655

E-Mail: phle@phle-oilseal.com.tw



Article Source: https://www.boydcorp.com/o-ring-about/blog/item/105-what-is-an-o-ring-history-and-applications-of-o-rings.html

High Performance Motorcycle Lubricants Provider – MIN JUNG HONG

MIN JUNG HONG was established in June, 1993, and the original sale business was to import American lubricant and distribute consumption goods for vehicles. To respond to clients’ requirements, we built a plant in Douliu industrial area of Yunlin Hsien in 1998 and cooperated with world-famous additive supplier, which supplies formulation of materials and technology for us to manufacture lubricant for automobiles and industry. We can also develop maintenance for each type of vehicles based on customers’ demands. In 2000, we brought in ISO 9002 quality guarantee system, and upgraded to ISO 9001 the next year.


Now, we provide various lubricants and oil for customers, including motorcycle oil, agricultural machinery oil, truck oil, automotive oil, and universal oil and so on products. If you need more details about motorcycle lubricants or other oil, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact MIN JUNG HONG!





No.39, Tou Kung 6 Rd., Industrial Area, Touliu City, Yun Lin Hsien, Taiwan

TEL: 886-5-5576016

FAX: 886-5-5576015

E-mail: info@maxlubeoil.com

AOK Valve Seal Manufacturer

AOK has made concrete contribution to valve seal industries for over 10 years. Our products including valve seals, o-ring, oil seal, bonded seals, bushing & absorbers and precision custom designed rubber molded products. Our valve seal products have been successfully distributed to well-know industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, chemical, forklift, semiconductors. Being a professional valve seal manufacturer with ISO9001 and TS16949 qualification, AOK is definitely your best choice. If you are interested in valve seal, please do not hesitate to contact with AOK. AOK delights in serving customer with satisfaction.

Address: No.,24-6,Nankang 3rd Rd., Nantou City 540 Taiwan
TEL: 886-49-2263777
FAX: 886-49-2263776
E-mail: sales@aok-oilseal.com