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Empire Eagle Food to build your bubble tea empire!


Delicious Bubble Tea is Just in Empire Eagle

Since 2002, Empire Eagle Food Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in the bubble tea and bakery industry. They are an excellent provider of upstream materials to the bubble tea markets. Empire Eagle owns a huge contracted tea plantation in Nantou, in order to not only develop a good tea industry in Taiwan but also to promote pure Taiwan tea worldwide so that they are able to fulfill customers’ needs in all aspects.


Beyond having a wide range of products to choose from, Empire Eagle offers ultimate solutions to customer that is looking to differentiate. They will guide you from initial concept stage to sampling, all the way to final products. Their own specialists station in the manufacturing plant, provide every custom-made product for each are of need, aiming to achieve a higher level of service in the world of bubble tea and even crossing over to café, bakery shop, fried chicken shop, drive through and other possible industry . Making clients’ product stand out from the crowd is Empire Eagle’s ultimate goal.


Empire Eagle’s Development


Constantly involved in the cutting edge activities, Empire Eagle has good cooperation with many fellow factories and invested in producers that have their own competiveness.


Since 2017, they also establish JD HALL, which is the only 7-stars training classroom in Taiwan to provide the best training program to help more people who want to jump into bubble tea industry.


They not only upgrade themselves, but also help more people who interest in bubble tea industry! Empire Eagle value their clients because they believe that their success come from the clients’ success and development.


Here, You Can Find…


Empire Eagle Headquartered in Taichung, the firm holds their own factory to produce flavoring powders, bakery premix, non-dairy creamer, topping creamer, Japanese Roasted sugar and also specializes in R&D.


Also, you can find tapioca, popping boba (bursting boba), jelly, syrup and all sorts of bubble tea / yogurt / snow ice and much related products.


Learn more information about Taiwan bubble tea supplier or want to jump into bubble tea industry, come and visit Empire Eagle for more details. And feel free to contact them at 886-4-2569-4889.


Empire Eagle Food Co., Ltd.

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TEL: +886-4-2569-4889

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