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Established in 1969, Tay Young Badge Holders Manufacturer is now one of the leading suppliers and marketers of advanced technical skill and modern facilities. Our products are now sold in different countries global. TAY YOUNG’s ID Badge Holders have high quality, competitive prices and prompt delivery competitive advantage. If you are interested in our badge holders, welcome to visit our website to learn more vinyl badge holders and custom plastic badges holder specifications. Tay Young would be your best partner in the future.


In badge holder series, Tay Young provides vinyl badge holder, rigid badge holder, and custom print badge holder for customers to choose. Pictures of our products are below and further details please visit our website.

Vinyl Badge Holder
Vinyl Badge Holder

                                                   Rigid Badge Holder
Rigid Badge Holder

Custom Print Badge Holder
Custom Print Badge Holder
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TAY YOUNG Industrial Co., Ltd.

61 Lane 300, Changnan Road Sec. 1, Changhua 50076 Taiwan, R.O.C.

TEL: + 886- 4-732 4919

FAX: + 886- 4-738 6322

E-mail: sales@tayyoung.com.tw; ty919@ms2.hinet.net





Retractable Badge Holder Manufacturer

Shuen Fuh, a professional and reliable hardware and giftware manufacturer, focus on R&D on Press Mold and Injection Mold since 1990. We are specializing in producing various types of retractable badge holder and the different badge with various materials for different purpose. Our metal badges are the best for the souvenir, gift, collection and other purpose. Welcome to ask furthermore information about our retractable badge holders, retractable badge reels, or ID badge lanyards.

Shuen Fuh is 100% acceptable of the OEM &ODM order and any customized requirements. Any of the items we can produce or able to produce, it is our pleasure to hearing from your enquiries. Any comments and suggestions for Shuen Fuh are highly appreciated. For more retractable badge holders, feel free to contact us!

Custom Key Chains

Tech Arts International Co., Ltd. located in Taiwan is a leading key chain manufacturer of varied custom products. Our products are the following: hard enamel lapel pin, soft enamel lapel pins, printing lapel pin, promotional lapel pin, logo lapel pins, eagle lapel pins, pewter key chain, keychain, flashing lapel pin, patch, necklace, medal etc. Key chains are our recommendation products. We offer all kinds of key chains with high quality, good design and competitive price. Please contact us for more custom key chain information. We highly promote ourselves as one of the professional key chain manufacturers in Taiwan to supply your custom key chains.

Not Only Quality, But Service for Your Badge Needs

Chien Chee Embroidery Co., Ltd. is a reputed lapel pin manufacturer, supplier and exporter of metal badges, factory in Taiwan. We offer our customers a comprehensive range of metal badge & lapel pin that match the strict quality requirements of International market which has earned our company the distinct reputation of being a quality oriented Exporter. We are recognized as one of the leading traders in this sector due to our capability to supply impeccable products to our customers. As a leading lapel pin manufacturer, we laid our foot years back & ever since we are striving to deliver in our products innovation, competitive pricing & quality driven customer satisfaction.


In order to meet the market demand, we will continually develop more lapel pins. Therefore, we are sincerely looking forward to bringing long-term cooperation with both state-owned and foreign enterprises. Here are our metal badges samples as below, hope you can find the specific items which you are interested in.

We are a Professional Manufacturer of ID Accessories

A good business card holder makes you look wonderful and professional. There is a wide variety of ID Card Accessories that are available in TAY YOUNG. With more than 30 years of experience, we have solid knowledge in manufacturing ID Badge Accessories. Here you can find quality products including Neck Lanyards, ID Badge Holders, ID Badge Reels, ID Badge Clips, ID Card Holders, ID Neck Ropes, Luggage Straps, Ball Chains, Retractable Badge Reels, Plastic Badge Holders, and Vinyl Badge Holder.

Contact us for your ID Badge Reels inquiry!

Variations of Neck Lanyards

Neck lanyards are often made from lengths of rope, wire, or cloth and are worn around the neck to secure an important object. Frequently worn by business employees, students, or trade show attendees, they are often custom printed with logos, slogans, or symbols. In this manner, the neck lanyard can also serve as an inexpensive form of advertising for businesses or universities.

Neck lanyards make it easy to carry a small object that must be displayed or kept close-by, such as an identification card or name badge. Other common objects that are best carried by lanyard can include badges, whistles, pocket watches, cell phones, cameras, water bottles, bottle openers, or mini-flashlights.

The neck lanyard helps you carry an item that is frequently needed throughout the day without having to carry it in a pocket or in your hands. There are many types of attachment hardware available to secure items to neck lanyards. Various types of attachment hardware include metal or plastic swivel hooks, pull-apart key rings, and alligator clips. Neck lanyards featuring split rings are a great way to carry an individual key or set of keys.

Neck lanyards are relatively inexpensive to purchase, especially when purchased in bulk. This makes them an ideal give-away for seminars, conventions, or trade shows. There are numerous suppliers who specialize in the custom printing of neck lanyards. They are available in an array of styles and colors. Neck lanyards are typically 36 inches in length. Because one size does not always fit all, a plastic cord lock can be placed on the lanyard to adjust it to any length and to add comfort.

The neck lanyard allows you to display your name when attending a function where most people don’t know one another. They serve as an informal method of introduction and can be kept as a souvenir to remember the occasion.

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The ID Accessories Provider – Tay Young

Tay Young Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Control Cables and ID accessories with more than 30 years experience. With many years of dedicated commitment to our products and customers, we have grown and developed rapidly into worldwide market, now. We are one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of advanced technical skill and lead facilities. Our product is now sold global.

Tay Young’s ID accessories and control cables exporter has obtained professional certifications, have high quality, competitive prices and prompt delivery competitive advantage. If you need more ID accessories and control cables specifications, please contact us. Tay Young is your best partner in the market.

Tay Young Industrial Co., Ltd.
Taiwan : (Main Office & Factory) 61 Lane 300, Changnan Road Sec. 1, Changhua 50060 Taiwan, R.O.C.
Contact Person : (Taiwan, GMT +8:00 )
Mr. Charles Hung ( For ID Accessories ) ;  Mr. R.L. Hung ( For Control Cables)
Tel : + 886- 4-732 4919
Fax : + 886- 4-738 6322
E-mail : sales@tayyoung.com.tw ; ty919@ms2.hinet.net