Mobile Carts

Diwei Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1991. We devote ourselves to design, manufacture, and export the mobile cart to all over the world. We have our own 4,300 square-meter factory located in central Taiwan. We have metal pressing plant, plastic injection plant and assembly & packing plant. With ISO-9001 certified, we are confident to provide you the high-quality mobile carts and best service. Also, our excellent R&D team continuously develops innovative mobile carts to keep us in the latest market trend. Our goal is to offer you mobile carts to make a comfortable working environment.


All products are covered by Product Liability Insurance under US$2,000.000.00 all over the world.

Surgical Adhesive Tapes Supplier

Celadon’s surgical tape is real breathable; it can keeps human skin breath & perspire normally with super ultra-high air permeability and soft and conformable for maximum user comfort.



Wound care, device holding & fixing. All skin contact applications.
Doesn’t absorb X-ray and may be left in place for radiography.



Self-wound, white rayon fabric, carrying net form polyacrylate adhesive, provides both diffusivity and physically transfer passage to air and moist vapors.


As a superior surgical tapes supplier, Celadon manufactures high-quality surgical tape. If you are looking for high-quality adhesive tape products, Celadon is the first choice to you!

Flu mask of Q Manufacturer

Since 1993, Q has specialized  in the production of  many types of flu masks, such as N95 masks, FFP1/FFp2/FFp3 dust masks, flat face masks, cone masks and more. Our products have obtained various safety quality approvals. If you are looking for a reliable respirator masks manufacturer, we are your best choice. Please browse our website and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.