What Are The Applications of Access Control System?

What is an access control system?

The access control system uses an ID card or a door card instead of the key to be read through a card reader, allowing a specific person to enter the place where the access control system is installed.

Access control systems are most commonly used for company gate entry and exit, office building entry and exit control, confidential documents, and security control of specific spaces. Moreover, it is also used to restrict access to workstations, file rooms that store sensitive data, printers, and entrance doors. The person who has the right to set permissions in the system can enter and leave freely. So that in addition to protecting information security, it can also protect personal safety.

Access Control Locks

The access control system is mainly composed of a controller, server, Electronic locks, and cables.

Electronic locks

Electronic locks are used to electrically unlock the door. Some locks will lock when they are supplied with power, while others unlock within power.

Access Control Panel

Access Control Panel usually installs in the IT room or the electrical, telephone, or communications closet. The server also tracks and records activity and events regarding access, and it allows administrators to pull reports of past data events for a given time period.

With the progress of the times, there are more types of access control systems, such as fingerprint access control systems, facial access control systems, passwords systems. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, you can find the professional access control systems manufacturers below!

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