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Hsiang Neng DC Micro Motor Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1985, which is one of the leading gear motor manufacturers specializing in producing precise DC motors and geared motors. So far, we are mainly in the line of geared motors, planetary geared motors, mini motors, large-sized motors as well as motors for treadmills, actuators and etc; which are processed by the advanced imported apparatus and machine, and the semi auto production ensures the products are stable and qualified; in addition, the R&D and Q.C. department will strictly keep the whole processing under control, bringing out qualified and competitive motors. Meanwhile, in addition, we regularly hold the on-the-job-training and e-commerce for our employees so as to improve our service and bring more contentment to customers when they choose our motor.


Research & Development

Apart from the varieties of motors, we can also custom specific motors for customers, as far as the geared motor concerned; an excellent geared motor is composed of excellent motor and gearbox. Therefore, further to meet customers’ requirements on the diversified products, we invested both brains and expenses to introduce most updated software and hardware as well as professional design to develop fine and competitive products, we are confident that our motor will facilitate your machine and help you to meet the competition and make more profits.


Quality Assurance

“Customers Foremost, Qualify First” is our basic managing concept, for better realize this quality policy and international standard, we conduct strict quality assurance system and management, the material, processing procedure, finished products, packing and delivery are under rigorous supervision, each item is made out with low noise, strong torque, long lifespan and high efficiency and other features, which is our guarantee and promise for customers worldwide. Attributing to our company, we have secured ISO 9001:2008 accreditation in quality assurance.


Integrated Processing

The whole integrated processing is tested by precise instrument and tools, including raw material, spanned tooth roundness, gear roundness, rotor roundness, shaft roundness and precisely assembled on the work piece, as for the critical parts, such as hobbing gear and turning shaft are processing by ourselves to ensure the quality and safety of the parts. The production and inspection are according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard; each item is qualified under the minimum defective rate, working safety and smoothly.


Future Outlook

Since the establishment, we have received the kind support and favor from customers at home and abroad, which help us grow up year by year, in the coming years, we will continue to improve the techniques to produce fine and competitive products to satisfy our customers, and lead the industry move forward, make more profits with customers.


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What Is the Difference Between AC and DC Electric Motors?

Electric motors convert electronic energy into mechanical energy, using either AC or DC electricity. AC and DC electric motors are constructed differently and have different properties. To fully understand the difference between AC and DC electric motors, electricity itself must be understood. Electricity is a very different energy source to heat or light as it is not commonly found in nature. Electric current refers to the movement of electrons along a conductor, such as a wire. The terms AC and DC refer to the direction of the electrons along the conductor.

In an AC motor the electrons flow along an alternating current and in a DC motor the electrons flow along a direct current. The direct current in DC electric motors means that the electrons constantly flow forwards, whereas in AC motors, the electrons switch directions regularly, so that they flow alternatively forwards and backwards.

Electricity and magnetism are closely linked and DC electricity was initially discovered, by Thomas Edison, by placing a magnetic field close to a wire and observing the electrons in the wire flow in a direct current as they were repelled and attracted by the north and south poles of the magnetic field. AC power was discovered by the scientist Nikolas Teklas by applying a rotating magnet to a conductive wire. Teklas found that as the magnet rotated the flow direction of the electrons flipped around, and that this method of alternating current retained energy better than the direct current and enabled the transferral of different amounts of power.

AC electric motors consist of two parts, the external stator that produces a rotating magnetic field and the internal rotor that receives a torque from the rotating field. AC motors come in two different types, depending on the rotor used. One type is the induction motor, which uses an induced current to produce a magnetic field on the rotor and can only run slightly slower or faster than the supply frequency. The other type of AC electric motors is the synchronous motor which does not rely on an induced current, and can rotate at exactly the supply frequency speed.

DC motors are made up of six components, a rotor, commutator, axle, brushes, a field magnet and a direct current power supply. DC motors are available in two main categories, being brushed and brushless. Brushed DC electric motors offer high reliability and simple control of motor speed. The initial cost of brushed DC motors is low, but with the higher maintenance involved in replacing brushes and springs, the price can rise. Brushless DC motors use an external electronic switch synchronised with the rotors position. Brushless DC motors are generally used where precise control of motor speed is needed.

Harrington Electric Motors (HEM) are well known for DC electric motors and single phase motors. HEM also deals in lafert motors, and servo motor.

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