Forklift Machines Manufacturing Specialist – CT Power

Set up in 2001, Global Power Co., Ltd. totally invested and owned by Taiwan Tailift Group, which has working on the Research and Development of forklift machines since 1973. As the main production base of Tailift Group in China, Global power co., ltd. occupy the land of 60, 000 square meters in the Jiaozhou Bay Yinghai Industrial Estate of Qingdao, of place which is scenery coastal and International Sailing Regatta City in the Northeast of China. What’s more, the majestic Tailift Industrial Park of the 333,000 square meters is under construction and will come into use in a short future.


Completely depending on the Technology and Sophisticated Craftsmanship from Taiwan Tailift Group, Global power co., ltd. is focusing on producing the reliable and economic forklift—CT POWER brand forklift, which is the 2nd Brand of Tailift Group and highly appreciated by more than 60 dealers and agents cover more than 40 main countries all over the world. Now, the annual capacity of production is nearly 20,000 units.


Global Power Co., Ltd. has been a specialist for the world’s brand of lift trucks from China. The models of CT POWER forklift truck are compact and have obtained the certification of CE and ISO 9000, which have so far won good reputation among customers from Europe, Middle East, U.S A., Canada, Southeast Asia, etc.


Our Product Range:

1.5~10T Diesel forklift

1.5~5T Gasoline forklift

1.5~7T LPG forklift

1.5~3.5T Electric forklift

2.0-2.5 Diesel/Gasoline Tower Tractor

1.5~2.0T Electrical reach forklift

1.5~2.5T Electrical Pallet truck

1.5~2.0T Electrical Stacker


Global Power Co., Ltd. will keep improving and updating its products with your good ideas. We sincerely invite every professional agent to join us and start to promote GC POWER Brand forklift machines to Global Market.



Global Power Co., Ltd.

Jiaozhou Bay Yinghai Industrial Park, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China

Contact: Macin

Mobile: +86-13791907477

TEL: +86 532 852 63876

FAX: +86 532 852 63567


China Forklifts

Global Power Co., Ltd. depends on the technology and sophisticated craftsmanship from TAILIFT GROUP, it is one of China forklift leading companies in the field. CT POWER Forklift Truck provides a series of China forklifts designed to handle your material handling solutions.


Global Power Co., Ltd. will keep improving and updating its products with your good ideas. We sincerely invite every professional agent to join us and start to promote GC POWER Brand China forklift to Global Market.


Product Range:

  • 5~10T Diesel forklift
  • 5~5T Gasoline forklift
  • 5~7T LPG forklift
  • 5~3.5T Electric forklift
  • 0-2.5 Diesel/Gasoline Tower Tractor
  • 5~2.0T Electrical reach forklift
  • 5~2.5T Electrical Pallet truck
  • 5~2.0T Electrical Stacker

About Forklift Truck Supplier

Tailift Co., Ltd, formerly known as Taipin Industrial, was established in 1973. Since incorporation, Tailift had upheld to the management philosophy of “Upgrading Taiwan Technology”. With a team of professional engineers lead by Mr. Steve Lin our president, we started development of Tailift Brand Products.
Tailift’s forklift truck is now ranked as the No. 1 brand domestically, and have our 80% export sales in west Europe and USA region. With models ranging from 1.5Ton to 10Ton, Diesel/ Gasoline and Electric forklifts. All forklift trucks are with CE certification, and have been honored with the “National Enterprise Innovation Research Award” by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan.
Tailift have our persisting effort in perfecting our product quality and innovative technology to create added value in our forklift trucks. This had made our company robust, with our comprehensive R&D team, it not only leads our products to the technology frontier, and it also afforded us the ability to customize our machines to client requirements. Customer satisfaction is our unchanged principle.