Super Bright LED Manufacturer

Daina Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989 in Taiwan as a LED lamp manufacturer. We are the professional supplier of LED lamp and related products. We also have large market shares. Daina manufactures high brightness LED lamps with the characteristics of compact size, low power consumption and long operation life, which make us an outstanding LED lamp manufacturer in the industry. Daina’s superb LED lamp products and attentive customer service continue to attract customers worldwide. Daina will keep working to provide the best innovations and services in LED lamps manufacturer fields.


Our LED Lamp Products:

Standard LED Lamp, Super Bright LED Lamp, RGB LED Lamp, Infrared LED Lamp, Oval LED Lamp, Cylindrical LED Lamp, Rectangular LED Lamp, Housing LED Lamp and Tape LED Lamp.


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Daina Led Manufacturer

Daina Led manufacturer was founded in 1989.  As a professional and reputed led lamp manufacturer, we provide various of leds. Our products include super bright LEDs, standard LED lamps, RGB LED lamps and others LED products. DAINA faces the global warming and environmental protection challenges by research and development ability of energy-saving LED products, thereby serving the needs of society. Our LEDs work with the trend of eco friendly and conserve the energy and can be used in widely areas. If you need more information about us, we would like to invite you to visit our website.

Daina Electronics Co., Ltd.
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