Smooth Machinery : Innovative and Quality Letterpress Machine Manufacturer

Smooth Machinery Co., Ltd. is a letterpress machine manufacturer was dedicated of letterpress machines, printing machines, CNC silk screen printing equipment for many years. Under the company’s policy of “Constant Innovation, Pursuing Excellence, we have spent great efforts on technical research and development. Up to this day, we have successfully developed a wide range of high efficiency, automated, low noise and low pollution products. We will constantly upgrade on a technological level and develop more advanced products to provide a competitive edge for our customers.


Moreover, Shaftless is no longer the exclusive advantage for Offset machine. Shaftless and intermittent feeding technologies lead to high-quality printing result and economical printing; Shaftless letterpress intermittent rotary printing machine produces product with minimum ink and material wastage. Smooth Machinery Co., Ltd. proudly cooperates CNC computer programmers with Japanese partner. Smooth’s machines will satisfies you both on quality and cost.


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No. 3 Minlong Rd., Yangmei District, Taoyuan City 326, Taiwan

TEL: 886-3-4725667

FAX: 886-3-4726933


Smooth Specializes in Letterpress Machine

Smooth Machinery specializes in wide selection of printing machines, including offset machine, letterpress machine, die cut machine and serigraphy machine. All printing presses are installed with CNC Automatic computerized register system. It offers you the fast and precise printed products. Smooth is the first printing machine manufacturer which the ISO 9002 registered in Taiwan of this field. All machines with CE certification. Hope our efforts will contribute to you and worldwide printing field!

SPM-450OR Shaftless Offset Intermittent Rotary Printing Machine

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Smooth Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address:No. 3, Ming Lung Rd., Yang-Mei Town,
Tao-Yuan County, Taiwan, R.O.C. (Ming-Fu Industry Park)